Recommendations To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

  Groundwork is a must. You’ll likely have some homework from your Agent who will let you know what needs to be done to get your home ready to sell.  When your Agent tours your home, he/she will notice what needs to be done to get your home in selling condition if you want to succeed at getting top dollar for your home sale.  Recommendations will be made to get your home ready and at a minimum to do the following:

  1. Clean until all the dirt, grime and smells are gone.
  2. Unclutter all rooms, counters, tabletops, closets and cupboards.
  3. Arrange any room’s furniture in a pleasing, flowing manner.
  4. Brighten rooms having all light bulbs illuminated.
  5. Have carpets cleaned and tiles floors polished.
  6. Paint in any rooms that it is needed (a light hue).
  7. Highlight the rooms with their intended purpose.
  8. Pack up excess stuff and move it out.
  9. Have outside lawn and landscaping nicely manicured, if winter all sidewalks and driveway must be clear.
  10. Clean front door to have it free of dirt and insect webs, put out a new welcome mat, add flowers in garden vase.
  11. Put garbage and recycle bins in garage.
  12. Repair and replace rotted wood near roof line or any door frames.
  13. Clean all your windows and take down any dark drapes that may make the room dark.
  14. Make sure your home smells fresh!