A Special Evening with Granddaughter Melissa and family sharing Beautiful Wedding Ideas That Were Presented at Meadow Brook Hall

12744757_10207505397426849_1850647663965977666_n 12717586_10207505396306821_1627164578780585863_n 12744673_10207505399786908_166575788489611930_n 12742487_10207505398906886_1815993972564149310_n 12717455_10207505398386873_416414300057625261_n 12742358_10207505398026864_5943353537226296141_n 12715692_10207505397666855_4550756343511937064_n 166037_10207505396466825_2739385208917436801_n I love Meadow Brook Hall and go to every event and opportunity that I can, we are so fortunate in the Rochester area to have such a wonderful historical estate. Tonight they were focusing on showing future brides and grooms... what is available to them for weddings inside the building and in the gardens. My granddaughter Melissa, and fiance Dave...who are getting married on May 7th are still going through final details of her wedding planning. We are very excited as a family to share in the preparation of Melissa and Dave's wedding.

Family FunKaren Lydick