Linda Rea

Buyer and Listing Specialist

At a young age, Linda Rea decided real estate was her passion and set out to become the leading realtor in southeast Michigan. Today that dream has become a reality through client-focused service, unapparelled marketing strategies, and record-breaking sales.

With over 40 years of experience, Linda has seen complex situations of every kind within her career. This experience gives her the foresight to proactively address issues and swiftly manage the situation, aiding both the buyers and sellers.  Finding the right agent can be extremely challenging. By researching and choosing the right real estate professional, you can relieve most of the stress and uncertainty of the final real estate transaction.

Linda created the team concept with YOU in mind to significantly increase the attention you’ll receive with the selling or buying of your home.  Both as a single agent and team leader, Linda has been a consistent “Top Producer” for Real Estate One and the State of Michigan as well as in the top 1/4 of 1% of the entire nation of realtors.  She has dominated the Rochester area real estate market for years and has sold over $1 billion in homes throughout Michigan.

For experience and service that will surpass your expectations, contact Linda Rea directly at 248-709-3786.

We are more than houses.  We are family, built on values to live by.




Featured Testimonial

We are very pleased that we contacted Linda Rea regarding the possible sale of our home. Our intent was to utilize Linda’s knowledge to toy with the idea and get her recommendation as to how we might prep and stage our home for a future sale. Her knowledge of the marketplace worked for us. She told us that our home was sale-ready and that “we should list it yesterday” given current market conditions. We signed up that day and had our first showing the next day to our eventual buyers. Thanks to Linda and her Team for their efforts in selling our home and managing the process to a speedy close.