Getting It Right The 1st Time!


There is a famous quote that says, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time." We believe this applies to selling your house.  In today's market, it's becoming standard practice for us to list homes that have already been on the market two or three times.  There are various reasons for this, and they include, but aren't limited to the following:


Your house must be priced right from the start.  Zillow is one example of how "home value calculator" websites are notorious for exaggerating the value of homes.  Overpricing your home when you initially list can sometimes cause you to end up losing money in the long run.  When you overprice a house, and serious buyer come along, they realize your home isn't valued at the listing price and will either show complete disregard or possibly counter with a lower rate than the house is worth.  Why?  Because now they don't trust you.  A good realtor will tell you this isn't how you get the best value for your home.  Price your house appropriately with just a small amount of room to negotiate, and when people check your home’s value against similar dwellings within your area, they will know you are a serious seller and be willing to talk price.


Choose the right agent from the start!  Find an agent that not only has experience within your area but someone who shares your same core values.  Having an agent that knows how the market is reacting today, and how the buyers are responding to homes is very important for your agent to understand.  Your agent should be an effective communicator and willing to accommodate your schedule and the needs of those living in the home. You want an agent that genuinely cares about you and the sale of your home.  Another consideration when choosing an agent is asking for a list of references and then following up with these clients.  Choosing the wrong agent could be very costly, be sure to prepare a list of questions and treat each realtor appointment as though it were a job interview- because it is!  Do your research.  Google your realtor prospects.  What are others saying about them?  Follow them on social media and see how they are representing other clients.  Do you like their website?  You should because you'll be sharing their link on your own social media pages to help with the sale of your home hopefully.


Curb appeal and the interior upkeep of your home is of utmost importance when preparing to sell. Scheduling an appointment with a home stager can help you with the interior of the house and simple refreshers like a new welcome mat and potted plants at the front door welcome buyers into what could become their next home.  It's also important not to neglect the landscaping and yard.  Make sure there is no trash lying around, and a minimalist approach to outdoor décor is best for the sale of your home.


When working with an experienced team of realtors, they have the wisdom to keep up to date with current real estate laws and code of ethics.  An experienced realtor is a must because the rules are ever-changing, and you want a someone who's willing to invest the time and energy to make sure your real estate transaction doesn't involve any unwanted surprises.  We've witnessed too many deals where buyers/sellers have been protected through sound business practices on our part, but those clients represented by others have found themselves in an unsettling position with signed documents and now legally obligated to uphold these contracts. When you have closed as many deals as we have, you learn to successfully guide clients through the real estate process from beginning to end and protect both the buyer and the seller.

The Linda Rea Team offers FREE pre-home inspection and a FREE 2-hour staging session to all our clients.  We also have a close working relationship with several local businesses who specialize in both exterior and interior home design and maintenance. Hiring a team or professional realtors will help you GET IT DONE RIGHT THE 1ST TIME!  I'd love the opportunity to sit down with you and go more in depth on the reasons why you need an experienced agent who really knows how to protect you and one of the biggest investments you will ever make.  Give me a call!

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