Three Steps to Take When Thinking About Building a Home with the Linda Rea Team


When you’re thinking about building a house, most people start by designing their dream home.  This is understandable because building a home can be such a monumental event in one’s life!  But, it is essential that you follow a few simple steps before the building process can begin.



Your budget will guide most of your decisions when building a home, so it’s crucial to spend time determining what you can afford.  You need to be honest when it comes to the numbers.  This isn’t a pair of shoes that you can return once you’ve realized they were outside of your budget.  You can use our mortgage calculator to assist you in figuring payment options.  You will need to include any down payment funds that you have and any other monies that you’ll get during the time the house is being built.  You must also consider the monthly costs of keeping the home, including utilities, taxes, and maintenance.



Choosing the perfect location for your family will be one of the easier decisions you make.  Here is a list of questions to answer before making this decision:

  1. If you have or are planning for children, is the neighborhood close to parks and local activities your family enjoys? Also, will you be within a reasonable distance from their school?

  2. What is the commute time to and from work?

  3. What amenities do you require nearby? If you are a coffee lover, is there a Starbuck’s on your morning commute? Does your daughter dance, or your son play baseball, or maybe you enjoy the local art scene? If yes, then does the area you ‘re looking at offer these services/activities that you and your family love?

  4. Does the community you’d like to build in require you to use one of their builders or are you free to contract out your own builder?

  5. What are the property taxes in selected location?



When selecting a builder, you must first check their reputation.  This is VERY important!  You should start the interview process with each potential builder by asking for a list of previous client referrals and then be sure to contact them.  This may seem like a tedious job, but it could save you from choosing a builder you’ll regret.  Next, visit the builders model homes and visit more than once.  Sometimes it will take seeing a home a few times before you can visualize if it will work for your needs.  Plus, this will give you the opportunity to really see the craftsmanship of the home.  Finally, choose a builder that you feel you have a connection with.  One you know will listen to your requests and take the time to answer all questions throughout the entire building process.

Pete Johnston and Linda Rea can help you find the perfect neighborhood in Southeast Michigan.  They will guide you through the design and building process of your dream home.  Available lots and custom designed homes listed here.

We specialize in some of the best cities to live in including Rochester, Rochester Hills, Oakland Twp., Troy, Shelby Twp. and many more. Contact Rochester's First Family of Real Estate, the Linda Rea Team to sell your house or help you move into a new home! We are Top Producers year after year and look forward to working with you!

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