Shopping For A Home With Kids In Mind


asas If you’re shopping for a home with kids or with plans to have children in the future, you have an entirely new set of things to consider. It’s not as simple as just checking off your own needs and preferences from the list—you have to keep in mind how much space your family will need, how your family will grow into your home, how long your family will need to live in the home, and more.

Those shopping for a home who are already parents can easily assess their children’s needs. Can you afford for each child to have his or her own bedroom? Will they get along if they have to share? How many bathrooms will you need? Can you afford a playroom, pool, swing set? If you have a child with special needs, is the home accessible and safe for that child? Should the kids’ rooms be on the first floor or on the second floor? How extensively will you need to childproof the home? How close is the home to the school your children will be attending, and how good is the school? Is the neighborhood a safe one for kids to grow up in?

If you’re not parents yet but looking for a home with your future kids in mind, you may not have as many concrete ideas. There are some steps you can take, though, to help you prepare for the future:

  • What will your income be for the next few years? How much will you owe for your mortgage?
  • How many children will you have?
  • Do you need to be near family and relatives?
  • Is the community safe and stimulating for children to grow up in? What about the school system?
  • Do you see your family renovating or expanding the home as the family grows?

A checklist can be very helpful when trying to answer these questions. Share your concerns with your real estate agent—if he or she is family-friendly like me, then they should have additional information that can help you find the best fit for your needs.


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