A Buyer's Specialist is Priceless!

1. What is a Buyer's Agent?2. Excellent Communication is a Must 3. Finding the Right Home 4. Access to all Listings 5. Knowledge of Oakland, Macomb Counties 6. What is the Current State of The Market? 7. Excellent Negotiating Skills 8. Expert Contract Knowledge 9. After the Sale 10. Top Agent Network and the Internet 11. Successful in Southeast Michigan

Become a Satisfied Homeowner A small list of items we check on:

- Arrange a final walk through before closing - Verify you receive what you expect - Check on the figures and arithmetic

You're about to enjoy the wealth-building and personally enriching experience of home ownership. But before you buy, make sure you have considered the following issues. Are you confident this is the home for you? or are you being pushed into it by others? Do your advisers understand your priorities and possibilities? Are they influencing you according to their own interest and biases?

Review the property's condition and the inspection report. Has your agent protected you against after-closing surprises and unanticipated expenses? Have your real estate agent and mortgage loan representative pulled together all agreements, documents, and verifications that are necessary to effect a smooth closing? The Linda Rea Team has many years of experience and have a check-list that prevents common mistakes that commonly occur during the process of buying or selling a home. We attend to these details and you can count on your home buying experience to reward you for years to come.

Many costly, painful lessons can be avoided by ensuring you have an experienced real estate agent working on your behalf. Many common mistakes are made all the time. I and the rest of the team pride ourselves on making your search for a home, and bringing it to a seamless close as painless as possible. Often we hear clients say "when we bought our house, the land across the street was a vacant lot. Now it's a parking lot and shopping center. When we moved in, the neighborhood was quiet and we had no trouble pulling in and out of the subdivision entrance. Now since the shopping center's come in, we often wait through two or three light changes, especially at commute times or on Saturday when it seems like everybody's out shopping."

A buyer's agent can help you avoid this sort of pitfall. The experience your agent will bring to your new move is so valuable! A buyer's agent will always check on all possible problems you could encounter when buying a home, and most importantly, your agent will help you envision the future within your neighborhood. From the day you start your home search to the no-surprise closing, our team will work to service you with a list of items that you may not even know should be done! Linda's many years of experience have taught our team how to service and to care about your entire move and related family needs.

The Rea Team has several trained buyer agents ready to put their expertise to work for you. We sincerely hope you call and take advantage of our service. For a FREE consultation please contact us at 248 709-3786 or simply e-mail me at linda@lindarea.com.

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