Clever Closet Ideas

 Do you want to turn your drab closet into a fab closet? We have some ideas to incorporate into your life that will upgrade your organization while perking up your life. What a way to start your day!
  1. Shoe Island -- keeping your footwear front and center is a great wardrobe starter. Organize from slippers to casual, flats, mid-heels, formalwear and boots.
  2. Add elevation to check out all angles. When you incorporate a platform with a three-way mirror, you get the whole picture.
  3. Optimize with a dressing table. If the closet is large enough, you can add an area for accessories, a lighted makeup mirror and complete your look before stepping out.
  4. Color is key. The color you choose for your closet needn't be a flat, dull monotone white. Perk it up with pink or teal, add a crystal chandelier and metallic chair rails for added glam.
  5. Diversity with drawers. Built-in drawers help with jewelry storage, sunglasses, scarves, even hosiery.
  6. Functional doesn't mean sacrificing fashion. Add your own personal touches, such as crystal door knobs, recessed lighting and even a sound system for ambience! Remember, you've worked hard and you deserve a closet to envy.