Selling Your Home: Put Yourself in a Buyer's Shoes


An effective strategy that can help you cover all of the bases when selling your home is also a very simple one: put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. It’s difficult to try to be objective about your home, but try to look at it from the perspective of someone who’s looking at it critically and has never seen it before.What questions will they be asking? If you can anticipate this, then you can have answers ready before potential buyers even ask. Having bought a home yourself at one point, it should be pretty easy to come up with these: what’s the neighborhood like? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Is the home in good shape? Are there any hidden damages or structural problems? Will this home fit my lifestyle? and so on. Think about what they’re seeing when they come to tour your home. Are they greeted with a clean, brightly lit, organized interior, or a dingy, dirty, cluttered one? You want the buyer to see his or herself living in your home, and they won’t want to do that if the house appears dirty, damaged, or in any way not the way it was described. Do they feel comfortable? If you hover while people are touring, that can make them uncomfortable and not want to linger. Remember, you want your potential buyers to see your home at its best; make sure all necessary repairs have been made, that it’s clean, that you’ve gotten rid of trash or junk, and that the exterior and lawn are kept up as well. They’ll also be wondering about the neighborhood, nearby schools and facilities, and the town/city if they aren’t local. Have information available on these topics. The more at home your potential buyers feel, the more positively they’ll feel about your home!