Rochester Prayer Breakfast at Royal Park Hotel With Amy Grant!

13177207_1114262328646082_7468721190055661925_n 13177569_1114262378646077_6127894442478430048_n 13151931_1114262481979400_6314141228490815145_n 13124713_1114102618662053_6260886895200993674_n Getting ready to pick up my favorite daughter Paula, she and I are going to the Royal Park Hotel Tonight with 100 guests and hopefully going to meet Miss Amy Grant.... Paula loves Amy and since there's only 100 guests for the sponsors of the Rochester prayer breakfast ...I think that we might have the opportunity to be able to at least speak with her hopefully! The prayer breakfast will be in the morning at 7 a.m. there will be over a thousand in attendance ...Amy Grant will be the guest speaker , we have a table of 10 and should enjoy the morning immensely With Friends