The Linda Rea Team Donates to Neighborhood House Food Pantry!


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DROPPING OFF LOTS OF FOOD AND MORE...I am shocked from the statistic that was given to me from the First Congragational Church today about how many people actually in the Rochester, Rochester Hills Auburn Hills area really relies on them for food! We are so used to working and giving across the globe to so many over the last few years we have decided to spend more time and money exploring what we have need of right here in our own local areas. We have participated in several organizations and continue to look for more that will make a real difference for the community. There are so many volunteers and I am so proud and thankful for them in their sponsorship's. Today we chose to visit at the Neighborhood House Food Pantry located at the First Congregational Church in Rochester. They do such a wonderful job and I love to see this store that they have available for those who have been vetted, and are in need of bridging and some help. I encourage you if you have time to just put a bag of groceries together while you're shopping, and drop it off it is very rewarding. I looked through their store today.  They provide so many things for those in need such as food, furniture, books and clothes. Give and it shall be given is always something I have been taught and it works! Look around you everyday to see if there is something you can do for someone else.