4 Ways You Can Get More Services From Your Real Estate Agent



1. Home Staging Home Staging is the preparation of a home to make it appear as visually and aesthetically appealing as possible, therefore setting it up to be sold more quickly and for a higher amount. Done properly, home staging can transform a property into a welcoming, attractive place that makes the prospective buyer yearn to own it.

Back in the real estate market’s hey-day, home staging was typically an extra service that sellers had to pay for. However, THE LINDA REA TEAM  offers free home staging simply if you list with them. Sometimes, they do the home staging themselves, or they outsource it to a professional stager with whom they work regularly.

2. Professional Virtual Tours A virtual tour of your home is the new standard among real estate companies – at least, it should be. Instead of simply displaying static photos of your home online, a virtual tour utilizes new digital technology to take viewers through your home and property using videos, 360-degree panoramic images, and seamlessly stitched photographs, often also incorporating sound effects, music, narration, and text. (if needed) We always advise you if your home will profit from this process or not.  Ideally, your home should be photographed by a professional photographer (We offer that to every listing)  and then submitted to major sites, such as YouTube, Trulia, and Zillow and many more!

3. Neighborhood Analysis: Always up to looking at your home and current market prices and trends,  full of advise that matters regarding the sale or purchase of a new home. New construction is on our list of expertise as well and our years of experience and caring hearts will allow you feel right at home with us, even if your home is ready to show just yet!

Finding the right neighborhood can be vital to making sure you’re happy long-term, so create a list of priorities, and search accordingly. What is most important to you – proximity to work or proximity to stores? Do you prefer to live in an area with lots of parks, trails, and bike paths, or do you prefer a more urban environment? If you have children, it is especially important to consider the local schools and the crime rate. We have an extreme amount of knowledge in the areas we sell in, and living in the same area, plus having our offices directly in the cities we work gives us an advantage to service you second to none!. I find when agents live outside your area, or their MAIN REAL ESTATE OFFICE

While most real estate agents can give you an overview of each neighborhood you’re considering, few will provide an in-depth neighborhood analysis that includes detailed information about local schools, area parks, and crime rates. Other factors that may be included in a neighborhood analysis include land uses, such as whether the neighborhood is primarily residential or mixed use (residential and commercial), and property types, such as single-family homes, apartment complexes, and condominiums. However, agents are prohibited from providing specific demographic information – but they can give you an overview of the kinds of families they’ve seen living in and moving into an area. This insightful information can be invaluable for buyers looking for the best fit