The Victorian Rose Tea House Is A Special Place That Warms Your Heart!


The Victorian Rose Tea House Is A Special Place That Warms Your Heart! Linda and her daughter Paula enjoyed a wonderful High Tea and luncheon at The Victorian Rose Tea House in downtown Rochester. Linda was just thrilled with Paula’s Valentine’s Day surprise!! Their lunch was just delicious and consisted of a tantalizing salad with fresh Strawberries and a homemade Chicken Pie that melted in their mouths! Of course they enjoyed High Tea served in beautiful traditional china tea cups. Everything was just perfect and they truly enjoyed their special lunch together! The Victorian Rose Tea House is located on Third Street in downtown Rochester. They have been providing the public with wonderful homemade luncheons and teas for over fifteen years. The Victorian Rose Tea House is filled with beautiful antiques and china and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. While Linda and Paula were at the Victorian Rose Tea House they had the opportunity to meet a fantastic group of women from the Newcomers and Neighbors of Greater Rochester Area. This club includes people who are new to the Rochester area along with long standing residents of the Rochester Area. The Newcomer’s Club is a social club that enjoys everything from movies, to cooking together, to lunches and pub nights. They have something for everyone! What a nice way to welcome new residents to the area and have them meet with existing residents who can show them the ropes of all the exciting things the Rochester Area has to offer! 10924812_10205078399993430_3445901530925301082_n 10941128_10205078397913378_504136567799579388_n

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