Selling Your Community is Vital!


Selling your community is vital when selling your home!  For this reason, hiring a LOCAL real estate team is always best!  When you hire a local team, whose agents live within the community, they have first-hand knowledge about every detail that may be of importance to potential buyers.  As a consistent TOP agent that has held the highest titles and awards in real estate sales such as:  Top Agent in The State of Michigan, All Company Top Agent and The Richard S. Elsea Award, Linda and her team have valuable, strong advice you should consider before listing one of you largest, lifetime investment’s.  

1. When listing your home, an experienced agent with assistants will need to visit your home several times to serve you well. If you hire an agent that would require them to make long drives to your home, you might find some avoiding these services and professional open houses. We love to list local but are also willing to make the drive as many times as required to get your home SOLD!

2.  Out of area agents will not feel or understand how to explain the real value of your community, facts, schools, churches, shopping, doctors, dentist, etc. or perhaps your client’s individual needs. 

3. An significant fact is that the company you list with must-have its central office based in Michigan! Better yet, with sister offices that work together not against each other. 

4. Buyers should call agents in the location where they wish to live.  

5. Marketing is stronger when listing with local agents because the majority of their digital and print marketing will be geared toward the community; they work and live in. 

Real Estate One is family owned and operated right here in Michigan with direct connections to world customers and clients. As you know, The Linda Rea Team is also a family-owned and operated team.  Each member has longevity as a Realtor, and our team doesn’t have a high turnover rate, providing you with a consistent business model.  Real Estate One is approaching there 100th Birthday and The Linda Rea Team is in their 48th year of community service and for the last 26 years has been a consistent top agent for Real Estate One. If you would like to talk about making WISE decisions when buying or selling your home, call or text us today at (248) 709-3786.

Linda Rea