A New Lockbox!


“A real-estate lock box is a padlock-shaped box that hangs around the doorknob of a house that is on the market. The device holds the keys to a house to allow communal access for all real estate agents, while continuing to keep them secure.” Source: Wikipedia.com


The Linda Rea Team is now providing a new lockbox that will make showing and selling properties safer and more efficient for both the client and the realtor.  The Sentrilock lockbox is the most secure and versatile box within the industry.  It offers multiple access methods, including a mobile app or keycard.  This lockbox allows you to know who, when, and how long clients were in your home. It will also be able to share if the client never shows. One of the most valuable factors is that each time access is given, and the door opened, that code will become inactive and a new code will be needed to reenter the home.  This will assure that any prior guests will not be able to access the premises without a new code. Safety is our #1 priority!

Linda Rea