The Market is Rebalancing... Now what?


Are you thinking of making a move in 2019? If yes, then it’s time to call in the experts!  

Becoming a TOP real estate team didn’t come by doing what everyone does. We have a unique sales and marketing approach that provides our clients with unparalleled service.  Our #1 goal is to perform beyond your expectations which will result in FIVE STAR REVIEWS from our past and present clients. Having an experienced team in place will also provide the opportunity to work with an agent that will meet your specific criteria based on individual real estate needs. We specialize in working as both the buyer and listing agent, along with the design and custom build of new construction homes.  With our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we’ve seen every imaginable situation and have the foresight to proactively address issues and swiftly handle the situation, aiding both the buyers and sellers. 

When the market slows, the best agents “SHINE”!

We enjoy connecting personally with business leaders, exchanging ideas and discussing the opportunities and changes taking place in the market.  The current topic on everyone’s mind is the slowing of the real estate market.  A market that has heavily favored the seller for the past several years is now shifting.  At its essence, this slowdown represents a rebalancing of the market. For many in the industry, a tapering might cause concern.  However, in discussing the situation with Real Estate One brokers, the consensus is clear:  the best agents will THRIVE in this type of environment.  When the market tightens, the best agents shine!  They see opportunity where others see obstacles and know when things get complicated, buyers and sellers need an expert to cut through the noise and advocate on their behalf. Even during a real estate lull, buyers are still looking to buy, and sellers are looking to sell. However, both should be cautious. The current market does not leave room for error.  Now is not the time to wing it, but instead, to call in the pros.  Having the right skillset, the know-how, and expertise of a professional agent is crucial in this type of environment.  

If you’re thinking about making a move, please call our team for a FREE confidential meeting at 248.709.3786.


Linda Rea