10 Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter


With fewer homes on the market during the winter months, it means yours will get more attention from buyers. By upping the cozy factor and paying attention to details, you can make your house stand out.

Here are 10 ways to prepare and stage your home for a successful sale.

  1. Have a cozy, crackling fire (or not). If you have a fireplace, consider lighting it before an open house to welcome in visitors from the cold. However, if your fireplace or wood burner leaves a smoky scent behind, avoid lighting. Instead, welcome potential buyers with warm cider, cocoa, or coffee. If you have a Keurig coffee maker, you could set on the counter with multiple options and a note of thanks for stopping by.

  2. Keep entryways meticulously clean. As with any time of year, a clean and clutter-free house will sell more efficiently, and maybe at a higher price, than one with more visible clutter. During winter it is especially important to remove mucky boos outside and keep family gear hidden in a closet or storage area, where potential buyers won’t trip over them. A Swiffer-style mop kept in the coat closet can be used to freshen entry floors before each showing quickly.

  3. Give each room a warm touch. A folded throw draped over the back of an armchair, a fluffy quilt at the foot of the bed, or an area rug in warm hues are a few small additions that make a significant impact in the way a room feels to prospective buyers. Be sure that every light is on, even for daytime showings. Always avoid fluorescent light bulbs that can give off a cold feeling and consider replacing with bulbs that offer a yellow hue and offer a warm glow.

  4. Show how outdoor rooms can be used even during the coldest months. If you have a covered porch or outdoor fireplace, be sure to keep the are fully furnished. Turn on outdoor lights, build a fire in the fireplace and drape a few thick blankets over your outdoor furniture.

  5. Emphasize spaces that will appeal in winter. Basement playrooms, indoor exercise areas, heated toolsheds, etc. will be especially welcome during cold winters. Remove all unrelated items to make the purpose of the room clear and be sure to have your realtor bring it up when showing the house to potential buyers.

  6. Showcase the entertaining possibilities of your home. Winter is prime time for festive parties and open houses, so whet prospective buyers’ appetites with an enticing display. Set out fresh flowers, plates, and napkins, fresh rolls/cookies on a dining buffet or kitchen counter.

  7. Use structural elements in the garden to help buyers visualize what space will look like come springtime. Place large urns and planters, benches, garden rocks and structures throughout the garden, even in the snow. By creating visual interest throughout outdoor spaces, you help buyers see the potential, even in the snow.

  8. Clear all exterior pathways of snow and ice. Open house guests should be able to easily walk all the way around the house and access any outbuildings. Provide as much off-street parking as you can to make things easy for visitors.

  9. Professional photography and video tours allow us to showcase your house by drawing in buyers by highlighting the attributes of the home. These images are the first impression buyers will see when searching online. It’s a lot easier to see a home’s potential during the summer months when all of the trees and plants are in bloom, but this becomes more challenging during winter. A professional photographer can highlight your homes best features, no matter the time of year.

  10. You must price your house right during the winter months. An experienced realtor will give you honest feedback and be able to price your home to sell.

    By following these guidelines, you can take full advantage of the benefits of selling during the winter months.

Linda Rea